Craig Richards

Financial Advisor/Founder

     Craig Richards conducts investment advisory services through S&A Financial Services, Inc., an SEC registered investment advisor, using the business name “Richards Financial Services” and has over 30 years of investment advisory experience. Craig started in the financial services industry in 1988 after graduating from the University of Arkansas, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  His experience includes working in sales for a mutual fund company and with retirement accounts in a bank trust department. He then worked for a private firm specializing in retirement plans and investment management, which led him to starting his own investment practice in 2009.

     Craig is committed to helping his clients understand their investments and teaching them ways to help improve their financial future. His experience provides knowledge and skills to help understand not only the personal financial needs of his clients, but also the economic trends and potential risk that can affect them. Craig takes pride in helping individuals and families align their financial and emotional wellbeing to gain peace of mind in what can feel like an upside-down world.  He accomplishes this by asking questions and then listening.   His one-on-one interaction with clients helps keep his focus individualized, based on the needs of each client. Craig not only works with individuals and families, but also with businesses ranging from small business owners to corporations in their process of retirement planning. Craig feels that one of his greatest attributes is his ability to build and nurture strong personal relationships with his clients. 

     Working as a team and appreciating each other’s roles is important at Richards Financial Services. Craig’s colleagues express their appreciation for his knowledge and passion for this professional industry and how his business reflects his commitment towards delivering honest, focused investment philosophies for the betterment of our clients. His calming demeanor for clients navigating retirement, or the loss of a loved one, is inspirational.  Craig’s thoughtfulness, patience, support, and appreciation for his employees motivates them to achieve greatness, which we feel creates an environment clients can trust.  Craig’s wealth of experience in investing and the stock market, as well as his ability to teach others, are some of the qualities he is appreciated for within the office.

    Craig was born in the Chicago area, grew up in St. Louis and graduated high school in Ohio.  He attended Bowling Green State University and the University of Arkansas. Prior to moving to Scott City, in 2012, Craig lived in the Kansas City area for 24 years. Craig is married with one daughter.  He enjoys art, listening to music, going to concerts and playing the guitar in a local band.  Craig “loves the hunt” of going to garage sales and thrift stores.